Poet, Author, Recording Artist, Inspirational Influencer

Over the years Lyssen has shared a philosophy of true passion to grow through reflection, faith and change. Her gifts of poetry, mentoring and music have introduced various opportunities to inspire communities and spark the minds of leaders and soul searchers around the world. Join Lyssen as she promotes progress, creativity, family and balance for this journey we all share, called life!

  • Life Mentor
  • Creative Entrepreneur
  • Speaker/Host
  • Community Investor
GHETTO Wonderland 2020

Lyssen and her twins Trust (boy) and Loyalty (girl) put a conscious spin on a holiday classic. Thought provoking lyrics, with a solid message of confidence and hope! “Let’s start a New Year and Live with No Fear, walking in a Ghetto Wonderland”

“GHETTO” (Giving Hope Even Through Tough Occasions)