Prove It

blue match


It starts with the desire to make dreams a reality

That only equals success when you incorporate a positive mentality

Without thoughts life is a dry walk with only a common reaction to things we see

& without leadership there’s no hope to grab what may seem out of reach

For some- our main value is wealth, others start with spirituality

However, we could miss the value of any principle if it doesn’t connect with our aspiration to succeed

So ask yourself: am I the driver or in the backseat?

And trust its ok to follow, just know if you’re ever being watched, it’s your automatic duty to lead

At times you may feel like you are not where you want to be…

but the foundation of growth is that you’re not where you use to be.

As a leader it’s difficult to keep in mind- it’s not about me… it’s about you

& easy to forget that one constructive conversation can create a leading mind set… but sometimes it takes two

Be certain your trail is optimistic because there is always someone behind you

Acknowledge that most leaders don’t just lead through day-to-day work, they lead life through


The vision starts with you

Make your admirers the focus and watch their dreams come true

Integrity proves that you do what you say, and proudly say what you do

And excellence is a natural execution for those who fear to lose

The next step is respect, give it – to get it – but keep the mission in clear view

Understand your approach can build the trust to help someone stuck; find a way to push through

Test your vision…When you look deep into yourself… is your victory extreme?

If you haven’t determined your purpose … I dare you to DREAM!

Last Question: Are you a leader and are you true to it? If you can answer YES- I- Am- A- Leader… PROVE IT!